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Client Success

With over 10 years of extensive industry experience, Atlas Domain Group’s full-service domain management services have delivered many client successes covering a wide range of domain name needs.

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Client Quotes

“Atlas found the right buyer for one of our premium domain names within weeks.”
– Courtney Lambert, AT&T

“By acting as a third party, Atlas was able to procure a domain we needed for a new product in under a week at a low price.”
– Matthew Zubiller, McKesson Corporation

“My last name is my brand. Atlas was able to get the moment it expired.”
– Angelos Angelou, Angelou Economics

“Atlas helps me market my brand by acquiring valuable domain names related to my business.”
– Jason Dorsey, Author

“Atlas created a successful and cost-effective strategy for acquiring typos of our brand name, which was very helpful in reducing brand dilution.”
- Alan Blake, GloFish

Recent Projects

Atlas Domain Group Acquires Domain for New Product at Fortune 500 Healthcare Company

Business Challenge: A large healthcare technology company approached Atlas for assistance acquiring a domain name related to a new product launch. The client was concerned about contacting the owner directly because of the client’s size; the domain owner may have asked for more money if it knew the buyer.

Client Success: Before contacting the owner, Atlas suggested alternative spellings of the domain name that the client should register. Atlas then researched the history of the domain name to understand how the current owner acquired it and then negotiated directly with the owner who lived in Russia. In under a week, Atlas delivered the domain to its client at a price well below what the client expected to pay.

Atlas Domain Group Facilitates Seven Figure Domain Sale

Business Challenge: A Fortune 500 communications client of Atlas has entered into a letter of intent to sell one of its domain names. The client originally acquired the domain name through the acquisition of a company many years earlier. The domain was no longer needed, so the client contacted Atlas Domain Group to find a qualified buyer.

Client Success: Within three weeks Atlas had identified a buyer that was able to meet competitive restrictions that the client placed on the domain name.

Atlas Domain Group Acquires Expiring Domain for Advisory Firm

Business Challenge: Atlas client Angelou Economics is a well known economics advisory firm in Austin, TX. The firm advises city, state, and country governments as well as corporations about economic development. The company has used as its primary domain since its founding, but would have preferred the shorter

Client Success: Atlas was able to acquire the moment the previous owner let it expire, delivering the domain to Angelou Economics at a fraction of the cost it would have otherwise required to acquire the domain.

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