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Domain Name Protection

Protect your online presence

Domains are critical assets to your company. Every day, companies make million dollar mistakes by letting domains expire, not acquiring domains before announcing products and not being the “legal owner” of domains they think they own.

Atlas Domain Group offers a range of services to help businesses protect themselves against domain name mishaps.

  • 16 Point Domain Audit. Is your company on top of its domain names? The 16 point domain name audit will help you avoid costly mistakes. Specific to your brand or main domain name, this 16 point audit evaluates your branding and security risks.
  • Domain Name Policy Creation. Companies without domain name policies make costly mistakes, including failing to register key domains, letting domain names expire, and announcing products before securing related domain names. This can cost your company millions of dollars in lost sales and goodwill. Atlas Domain Group will analyze your current situation and formulate a company-wide domain name policy that protects your interests.
  • Typosquatting and Cybersquatting Analysis. Odds are your company’s name is being typosquatted. That means that traffic meant for your web site is being diverted to someone else. Atlas Domain Group evaluates your current domain name and creates a report of typosquatted and cybersquatted domains related to your brand and makes suggestions on how to stem the problem. In addition, Atlas Domain Group will create a policy to guide you towards acquiring common typos before someone else.

    Is your domain name being typosquatted?  
    Odds are, it is.

    Don’t believe us? E-mail us your company name
    and we’ll give you a few examples.

    At Atlas Domain Group, we’re looking out for your best interests. Unlike some services and law firms, we don’t profit from your taking legal action against cybersquatters. That’s why we suggest the most practical and cost effective manner to acquire the domains that infringe on your brand.

  • Registrar and Contact Consolidation. Does your company use multiple domain registrars? Are domains registered in an IT person’s name rather than the company’s name? How many different “administrative contacts” are listed on your company’s domains? It’s important to consolidate and get a handle on your domain ownership.
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