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Domain Name Selection

Strategically identify the most impactful name

With over 150 million domains registered worldwide, it’s no wonder that finding the perfect domain name for your business is a challenge. Atlas Domain Group’s Domain Selection service puts over 10 years of experience to work for you.

Leveraging a number of sophisticated industry tools and based on a series of analysis, Atlas Domain Group will guide you to find your ideal domain name.

Our Domain Name Selection service is a three step process:

1.   You provide your concept, business vision, product or even a list of
      domains you are considering.
2.   Atlas Domain Group creates a report including ideal unregistered
      domains for your business, ideal domains that are registered but are
      for sale and ideal domains that are registered and may be for sale.
3.   Once you select a domain, Atlas Domain Group delivers a report
      including typos and other versions of the domain you may want to register
      for protective purposes.

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